Lubrication Systems

Single and Multi Line Lubrication Systems

Single Line System 
Single line centralised lubrication 

The single line system can be used for small and medium sized machines. Design, installation and extension are easy to realize. 

Multi Line System 
Multi line centralised lubrication 

Multi line systems are used for applications with widely separated lub points. Each outlet of the pump can be adjusted separately and leads directly to the lub point. 


Area of application: 

Single line system: 
To supply the lubrication points of small and medium sized machines, machinery groups and plants, such as machine tools, weaving machines and textile machinery.

Lubricant:  Oil and fluid grease NLGI 000-0 (single line)

Multi line system 
For small machines and groups of machinery with a low number of lubrication points, such as compressors, bakery machines, chain lubrication, presses and timber yards.
Lubricant:  Oil, fluid grease NLGI 000,00 and grease up to NLGI 3 (multi line)